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31 July 2009 @ 01:41 pm
 Well plenty has happened since my last post, mostly because I always forget to update.

Firstly, I had my tongue pierced, which was quite a long time ago now! The experience wasn't too bad, although I didn't enjoy the swelling and unableness to eat anything for about a week :( It went well though, and now it looks lovely :)

Secondly, after having a terrible week at work last week, what with horrible customers and bossy managers etc, I was really looking forward to housesitting in Bristol for my Dad's girlfriend Jess while they were away in Brighton. They needed also needed someone to be there for the cats Indie and Patchie for the weekend as Patchie is blind and has arthritis :(
On the 24th July, my Dad took Dom and I to Jess', left us some money for food, and also some wine and bits and bobs incase we fancied them, told us where everything was etc and left us to it :)
It was so much fun looking after the house and cats, and because Jess lives in St. Pauls, there's always something going on to see :)
Plus it felt like it was our own place and we were living together which was awesome, we felt so grown up :P
So it was a really good weekend and we were really sad when we had to go home.

Ooh almost forgot to mention, Dom, Mark and I went to see the new Harry Potter, which was good on many levels, but also rubbish on other levels :( I wont go on about it because I know how much some people hate Harry Potter, but I can't help being enchanted by it! Probably becuase its all magical and aww :) But the books are much much better, I think everyone would agree.

Next, I quit my job. This is not because I am lazy, but because it was making me truly miserable, and I want to spend my summer doing something I love, not something that upsets me, even if it means not so much money. I really dont understand what makes people be so rude to waitresses, or anyone for that matter. It was only a small cafe, so the day we got 12 hikers, plus the heap of other people made things so busy. The hikers all ordered quite large meals, and decided to sit the furthest away from the kitchen which makes carrying meals out really difficult. Plus people seem to think that I should be able to carry all 12 meals at once, as some of them kept saying things like "Where's my soup?" when I was only on my first trip there. And the amount of complaints we had was quite strange, considering that its only a small cafe and every table was full, plus we told people when they ordered that they might have to wait a while for their food because of the sudden mass ordering. Its not just when its busy that people are rude, even if I'm struggling with a plate of meals for a small table, some customers will just look right past me and not say a word when I put it in front of them, whereas sometimes you get nice people who give you a hand!
I really don't understand. I'm not used to being so rude to! I think thats what was making me most miserable.
So now I need to find a new job, preferably not waitressing, and all will be good! (Rant over)

Oh, on Monday we had a bit of a gathering at Dom's as his parents were away so Mat, Harvey, Jesse, Stu, Luke, Liam and another Stu came over which was a laugh :) unfortunately no pictures because I left my camera upstairs all night and was having too much of a good time to go get it :P

Urgh another little rant, sorry; Anyone know how to keep Directions hair colours in your hair for longer? :/ I already use the Herbal Essences colour protect shampoo, and try not to spend stupid amounts of time in direct sunlight as that really takes the colour out. I dont really know what else to try! At the moment I've got green and bright pink in my fringe, pink and turquoise at the side, orange the other side, and deep purple at the bottom right. It looks so nice when its freshly done, so vibrant! But when it starts fading it looks really crap and because I've obviously bleached the sections with colour in, they kinda fade to a rubbish white colour :/ GAH annoying!
Why can't they make more permanent dye?! I'm thinking of bleaching it all out, going all blonde then just sticking to one colour maybe. I was thinking turquoise with pink bits or something, because that would look awesome. Not sure about getting a job with it like that though... :/
So any thoughts (if any) on how to make Directions hair dyes last longer would be much appreciated!

Ooh, also got my hairdressing uniform delivered for my course at City of Bristol College that I'll be starting in September! It'll be so nice to get away from Weston as its so horrible here!

Lastly, went to Bristol with Ron and Rob yesterday which was cool, but what made it even better was seeing Reverend and the Makers completely by chance outside HMV! They seemed like really cool, nice people and they were really good live, they had accordions and trumpets and bongos and stuff :)

I think thats about it, much looking forward to a relaxing weekend with Dom hopefully, he's coming over today after his heart scan *FINGERS CROSSED*
Also looking forward to when Sophie comes back from Spain as she is wonderful :)

Now off to get some food before Dom arrives :)
Much love x

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20 May 2009 @ 06:29 pm
Here I am going to tell you about my very horrible day that I had today, in case you're interested:
(I'm not really complaining, just venting a little bit!)
Okay, firstly I went to get my bus from Weston Village (where I live) into town. My bus was late so I missed the second bus I needed to catch from town to Sand Bay, near where my work is. So I had to walk, which was hot and tiring. Fortunately I wasn't late though so thumbs up for that one! 
Secondly, I had some rather complainy customers and a woman who wanted her ham "well done" even though you cant really do "well done" ham. I think she got confused with bacon or something.
Thirdly, the man who wanted bread instead of chips somehow ended up with chips instead of bread, so I apologised and took it back to Martin (the chef) to swap over. 
Next, as I was taking the food back over, I gave the man his egg, ham and bread, but the "well done" ham meal slipped off my tray and landed on the complainy man who jumped up and looked very angry indeed :( I apologised a lot and cleaned it all up but it was really upsetting and I cried in the toilets for quite some time afterwards :P
Then I dropped some cutlery and everyone just looked at me really pityingly so that wasn't cool.
Then I just got on with my work, washing some things up as the KP girl wasn't in today, and I got paid and left.
But then I got stopped by a CLIC Sargent who I had a little chat with and I was about to donate some money but I was under 20 so I couldn't :(
What a stupid system! So I apologised and promised as soon as I'm 20 I would donate lots :)
Anyway, that was my day!
Now my boyfriend Dom is coming over and I am going to give him a haircut. 
Bye, x!
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17 May 2009 @ 07:01 pm
 Hello LiveJournal.
Not sure how to go about writing in a journal cause I always felt silly keeping a diary and just writing about myself for ages. So I'll try to make it as interesting as possible :)

Well today, I got a job :D
Its at a nice old-fashionedy place called The Cliffs Tea Rooms.
Here is the only picture I could find, (excuse the random woman posing):

Its nice and has loads of jars of sweeties inside :D

Anyway, I start on Tuesday and will be working Mondays-Fridays as I have no more college until September.
Peace out x

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